About WizLink

WizLink is a desktop automation software, which runs on PC workstation. The major functionality is substitution of manual work with automated data and application handling. One can say, that WizLink is a desktop level integration software WizLink focuses on delivering maximum efficiency from existing business applications, without any need to change them. Value is delivered through linking legacy […]

Software requirements

WizLink Designer and WizLink Runtime are compatible with following operating systems: Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP WizLink can read/write data, click buttons, control behavior and cooperate with most of existing Windows software, including both fat and thin client applications. It can handle multiple applications in parallel, thus there is possibility to connect […]

Architecture and components

WizLink software consists of two separate applications – Designer and Runtime. Designer is a workflow-oriented graphical scenario editor with built-in additional tools – data object hunter and test scenario runner. It provides business user with: Easy selection of screen objects participating in the scenario with the mouse Defining scenarios Read / write data from / to […]

How to buy WizLink

WizLink licensing is based on “floating” model: only concurrently active users are counted against the purchased licenses count. Software update included in price. More details on www.wizlink.eu