Flowchart Tools

List of activities handling flowchart tools


An arrow-node flow diagram where particular activities are connected by arrows between them. Flowchart helps to show the following steps performed by a robot in a clear graphical way. You can place (nest) a flowchart inside another one as an activity to make the robot scenario more transparent and intuitive. Flowchart allows presenting many branches […]

Flow Decision

An activity that carries out one of two paths. Executed path depends on the specified condition. By default, paths are labeled True and False. Their names can be changed in the activity properties.  

Flow Switch(String)

This activity works similarly to Flow Decision activity. Instead of two paths, there are more cases possible to define. Flow Switch <STRING> interprets the result of the given expression and executes activity which matches the key (expression result).  

Flow Switch(Int32)

This activity works in the same way as Flow Switch <STRING>, but the used expression has to be set as an integer.