List of activities handling utilites

Get File List

  This activity gets a list of files from a specified system path. You may use this activity while building a robot that processes a package of files in the loop.  

Login & Password

  Displays window with login/password input fields and stores entered values in specified variables. Works similarly to Input text activity, except password field, where entered text is displayed as dots for confidentiality.

Terminate Workflow

  Stops a running scenario for the specified reason or lets the scenario to run if there is an exception defined.  


  This activity verifies whether chosen by user file exists in specified disk location and returns result true or false in output. It’s not possible to use wildcards in the filename.  

Choose Files

  Displays window with a Windows dialog box to choose a file from the file list.  


  Suspends the scenario until the time specified by the user passes.  

Zip Archive

  Extracts files to the folder from chosen zip file.  

Assign Variable

  Assignes value specified by user to an existing variable. It may be a value of another variable of the same type, inscribed on a permanent basis, the return value of a function or an arithmetic expression that contains any of the foregoing elements. In designing the new value should be sure to match the […]

Input Text

  Displays window with input field and stores entered value in specified variable.