List of activities handling web

Get Text

  Retrieves value of specified text web element as string.

Set Text

  Changes value of specified text web element as a text provided by user.

Set Validation

  Validates an web element with provided template.

Append Text

  Appends text in the end of string in the selected text web element.

Handle PopupAlert

  Detects and performs action defined by user on popup window.

Get Checkbox State

  Retrieves checkbox’s value.

Checkbox Off

  Sets checkbox’s value to False regardless of previous value.    

Select Element

  Selects list element. Deselects previous elements from the list if there were any.

Checkbox On

  Sets checkbox’s value to True regardless of previous value.  

Toggle Checkbox

  Sets checkbox’s value to the opposite of current value. Change the value of a CheckBox GUI element to the opposite – from True to False or False to True.


  Retrieves URL of given browser window as string.


  Changes URL of given browser window and automatically reloads the page.

Hover Mouse

The activity allows you to move the mouse over a given web element

Double Click

  Simulates a mouse double click by referring directly to WEB element.

Send Keys

Simulates pressing keyboard characters. It is possible to enter whole sentences via Send Keystrokes. Sending multiple keys pressed at once is also possible.


  Simulates a mouse click by referring directly to GUI element.

Go Back

  Returns to the previous web page page if there was any in the selected window.

Find Browser Window

  Finds an existing browser window and declares new internal name for it. It must be a child of window already controlled by WizLink.

Run Browser

Starts web browser in order to handle web applications. WizLink can take control over only these browser instances, which were invoked by Run Browser activity.

Close Browser

Closes browser window.

Wait For Event

  Suspends the scenario until specified action is performed.

Show Balloon

  Displays balloon above specified data item in the web browser controlled by WizLink.

Set Value in Combo

  Sets combo to value provided by user.  

Is Selected

  Retrieves the state of radiobutton or combobox element.

Select Element

  Selects an radiobutton element.

Check Existence

  Checks whether given element is existing or not.