Working with Scenario

Working with the designer starts with an empty set default Flowchart activity. START is the first step – from here starts the scenario. Drag the activity of the tree and try to arrange them clearly in order of execution. Activities are connected by hyphens, where the arrowhead indicates the direction of the execute scenario. Each activity must be parameterized. Use the toolbox on the right side of the screen. When you click on the activity its properties are displayed. There are optional or required. If you do not fill all the required properties, you will see an exclamation mark in a red circle, but only for this activity which has an error. The exclamation is always shown in order of occurrence of errors.

There might be three properties group: Input, Output and Misc. Available values are text, variable, boolean, numeric, and sometimes the checkbox.


To receive information about errors during the script, select the Logging from the Options menu. Flowchart has bookmarks Design and Output. Output tab contains 3 sub tabs: Logs, Output and Execution Tracker.